Come and See

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About the film

Come and See

Release Date: Dec 06, 2017
Rating: NR Theatrical

Original Language    :    Russian
Year    :    Dec 06, 2017
Genre    :    Drama, History, War, Horror
Time    :    02 Hours 22 Minutes
Budget    :    -
Revenue    :    -

Movie: Come and See(1985)[25237] The invasion of a village in Byelorussia by German forces sends young Florya into the forest to join the weary Resistance fighters, against his family's wishes. There he meets a girl, Glasha, who accompanies him back to his village. On returning home, Florya finds his family and fellow peasants massacred. His continued survival amidst the brutal debris of war becomes increasingly nightmarish, a battle between despair and hope.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

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